The beginning of your programming career

Welcome to our community. Here, you will learn all the technical skills needed to become a professional developer.

During the course you will learn the whole web development stack, including HTML/CSS, JavaScript and backend technologies. We’ll complement the training with workshops on modern software methodologies and job interview practices.

Our 6-month web development programme follows the success of our affiliate organisation in Amsterdam, HackYourFuture, where over 50% of the graduates have found technical jobs.


  • Live in the UK
  • Speak good English
  • Ready to commit to over 30 hours of learning per week
  • Availability for face to face sessions on weekends

Start Learning Now

As part of the application process, we encourage you to complete one or more of these challenges:

  • Join FreeCodeCamp and complete a minimum of 20 hours on Front End Development
  • Complete at least one course in Codeacademy: HTML&CSS, Make a Website, Make an Interactive Website